The Alcock and Brown Community Celebration Day day will be held on 21st July 2019, in Hall Place, Bexley. It is part of the “Alcock & Brown Centenary Celebrations”.

Alcock and Brown were the first people to successfully fly the Atlantic. They flew in the “Vickers Vimy”, which was designed and made in Crayford.

In addition to the Community Celebration Day, a 6 month exhibition honouring the flight will take place in Hall Place. And a procession will parade through Crayford town on 23/07/19.

The flight was flown 14-15th June 1919, but the Sirs returned to Crayford on 23rd July to receive their awards, hence our towns choice for celebrating on this date. We will to keep a “loose 1920’s” theme, to remember and honour the flight, although accommodating other fun community aspects.

We will be hosting children’s inflatables/rides, craft stalls and local charitable organisations. The community celebration day will also have a number of activities throughout the day, Including a hopeful World record attempt of “the most gliders thrown, by hand, at one time”. The event will additionally host the annual Bexley Civic Society’s fair and the Bexley farmers market.

We are excited about the event and hope to see you on the day.

Please visit the CONTACT US PAGE for information for sponsorship, becoming a volunteer or attending as a vendor